The Gypsy Wagon

An Antique and Curiosity Shop

Gypsy Wagon Interior
Gypsy Wagon Side View

Alma’s Oldest Existing Building

We virtually resurrected the oldest buildings in town once used by the French fur traders which was little more than a blackened, burned out shed and put it to use as our own Gypsy Wagon Curiosity shop. Many of its treasures end up in the hotel rooms and suites if you don’t nab them first.

It is a bit of a Room Of Requirements without a diadem (yet). The shop holds “A little of this and a lot of that” which may include anything from the ever popular Italian painted fruit bowls (not – but we love them) to a dried alligator head. (You never know when you’ll need one).

It is open with the Fire & Ice, ice cream and coffee shop next door

Gypsy Wagon Inside
The Gypsy Wagon Front
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